20 July 2010


Well, I now have a website! It is a bit of a work in progress, but for now it is at least something. Feel free to check it out: Meghan Hawkes Illustration

19 July 2010


A while ago (potentially about six months at this point), I had posted a few sets of collages based on old photographs. The show for them never ended up happening, due to a variety of reasons, but it is still an interesting project to go back to from time to time. Recently, I found picked up a few more old photographs in a local antique shop, so there will probably be more of these in the future.

In the meantime, here are three more:

14 July 2010

Sneak Peek: Illumination

So, here is a bit of a sneak peek at one of the larger things I am working on with my free time. I've always quite liked illuminated manuscripts and old patterning, so I am making a few illuminated pages. These are a few of the practice letters I started with. I'm quite pleased with them so far.

The materials for this have quite taken over my desk. It's an exciting thing to be working on, though. There were a few small recent setbacks (such as a bit of ink splatter over a partially completed page from Beowulf) but I suppose it's all part of the experience. Now, back to the drawing board!

Even more sketches!

More recent randomness from my sketchbooks:

I wasn't kidding about the randomness, apparently.

I've been wanting to rewatch Secret of Kells - it was a gorgeous movie. Since I still have a while to wait until it's on dvd, I've been doodling Pangur Bán in my notes.

Random things from around my room, because they were there. Oh, and the holy grail. :-)

Partially finished sketch of Lynn reading over the fourth of July.

Miss Belisle.

And Grady, my cousin's bulldog.

More Sketches

It's been a bit longer than I intended since I last posted on here, so here are a few sketches from the past couple of weeks:

I'm not sure yet if I will do anything in particular with this character, but she's popped up a few times recently. I've got to think about it.

This one was a girl I saw in a coffee shop the other day. Everyone else there was on their laptops - made them oddly easy to draw.

I might come back to this one soon. I like where it was going.

Elaborate skirts - surprisingly fun to draw, actually.