01 July 2016

Some doodles and in-progress pieces I've posted to my Twitter over the past few weeks:

A recent painting of Idunn. Acryalla gouache on illustration board.

09 April 2016

Some more sketches and doodles previously posted on Twitter:

06 December 2015

I have been exceedingly remiss in updating this blog. Time to get back on the ball! In the meantime, here are a few sketches and doodles I had posted to my Twitter recently:

08 August 2014

Thank you all for your patience with my recent disappearing act! To reward you all, here is a sneak peek at my current project. I am once again working with the lovely people over at Chalk Path Books, so stay tuned!

A quick sketch based on Jane Eyre.

03 July 2014

Hello! I know that things have been quiet here of late, and I'm just dropping by to let you know that I'm not dead. In fact, here is some very good news: I'm currently working on illustrating a trilogy of young adult novels! Between that, my job at the local bookstore, my fourth attempt at securing funding for graduate school, and some other minor jobs, I am hard at work. I'll do my best to still drop in on occasion with sketches and doodles. In the meantime, stay well and thank you so much for your patience!