19 July 2011

Odds 'n' Ends

I know that I've been promising to post some finished pieces, but I'm afraid that my scanner is very much gasping its last. It has served me well for going on six years now, and it's tired. So, sadly, you won't be seeing larger, finished art until I've replaced it. Hopefully that will be within the week. Fingers crossed - I've got to figure out what the best one I can afford is. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, here are a few more things from my sketchbook:

Victoria and I decided we were each going to do drawings of our favourite American Girl characters as adults. Here's my initial drawing of Felicity in her early twenties. I have to admit, I am really pleased with how this came out. I will scan it again (read: better) when I've replaced my scanner, but I wanted to share this now.

A slightly closer look.

La Fée Verte! I really have no idea what inspired me to do this, but it was fun.

There's a Welsh kids' song called "Gwenni aeth i ffair Pwllheli" (Gwenny Went to the Pwllheli Fair) which is great fun. It's about a little girl who keeps getting in a rather lot of trouble, despite having very good intentions. I think it would make a fun series of illustrations. So, here are the initial couple of doodles. We'll see how it goes from here.

Café Hopping and People Watching

I do a lot of drawing when I'm at coffee shops - sketches of the people around me and wherever I'm sitting. So, here are some of the more recent café drawings in my book. They're great fun to do.

Sitting outside the café/bookstore in Damariscotta.

Just some doodles of people in Damariscotta, Camden and Augusta. The moral of this story might be that I drink way too much tea and coffee.

Digital Identity Ideas.

I've been working on some new ideas for business cards and mailers. Thought I'd share some of the small things from my sketchbook. None of these are overly complete at the moment, but here you have them.

O-Bla-Di, O-Bla-Da

More fun times from my sketchbook. Woohoo.

Playing around with acrylla gouache, because it's fun.

A few sketches I've been playing around with. I much prefer the pen version.

I am a shameless Neil Gaiman fangirl. :-) I admit this freely. So, from time to time his characters show up in my sketchbook. I'm thinking of doing some more finished drawings based on Good Omens. Anyone like the idea?

Random-y random-y random

Some more doodles from my sketchbook:

Groovin' to the tunes.

I doodle a lot of eighteenth & nineteenth century women on basically every scrap of paper left in my general vicinity. This probably says something about me, but I'm not too worried.

Fun times with drapery. :-)

A sketch that will actually be expanded into a finished piece. I want to try my hand at a book cover - this would be for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard.

Yup. I blame my tendency to doodle frames from movies and television on Shanth Enjeti. This makes sense, I promise. Points to anyone who guesses what movie these are from.