26 April 2013

Flipping through my sketchbook just now, I also came across this doodle of my family. So... why not.

A quick sketch of Ophelia drowning. I'm fairly certain it's obligatory for everyone to draw this at least once (or so my art history studies have led me to believe). Actually, I draw Ophelia fairly often. Which is strange because, for all that I have an extreme fondness for Hamlet, Ophelia is a character to whom I spare relatively little thought in the play itself.

Another random page of sketches.

So… I really like James Bond. And I really enjoyed Skyfall. Which ended up with me sketching Severine because I thought she was very striking. (Actually, that whole movie was really visually appealing, but the scene in the casino was especially stunning.)
…I think I got her costume slightly wrong.

More random Ancient-Greece-inspired doodles.

A mock logo for The Hatter's Tea Room. I'm thinking this could make a fun t-shirt, actually. I just need to decide on the colours. At the moment, I'm leaning towards purples....

A sketch of a character named Alain Roux, and his mother.

...her profession is exactly what you are probably thinking.

21 April 2013

I re-discovered a watercolour Moleskine I had completely forgotten I'd had. I also started reading The Iliad today. So, I decided to do a watercolour sketch of Helen of Troy.

I do realize that she never sees the golden apple that starts this whole mess, but I liked the image.

07 April 2013

Guess what I've been listening to.

(This is actually a drawing off of the back of a folder. Posting it to just say: I'm not dead yet! And I'm still working on plenty of things. Don't go away.)