30 May 2012

A couple more excerpts from my sketchbook.

24 May 2012

Another Regency sketch

23 May 2012

Remember the days when I used to draw nothing but figures and subjects from the nineteenth century? Yeah. Me, too. I think those days might be back.

To celebrate, have a sketch of people chatting and drinking tea. 

17 May 2012

Yeah. Days off always start with the best of intentions.

This is my warm-up drawing for today. It's also the beginning of my new sketchbook. I always draw something stupid on the first page or two so that I'm not so worried about making every page perfect.

03 May 2012

Oh, and does anyone remember this little guy?

a doodle a day keeps the doctor away

My life has been crazy busy recently. However, on Saturday I had the chance to do a bunch of sketches from life of people around Boothbay. Fast studies are always great practice. Here are a few pages from my sketchbook.
Finished work to come soon.