31 August 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled illustration for an exciting announcement!

The Last Post Anthology is now available for sale via Chalk Path Books. A paperback edition is currently available, and the Kindle e-book should be up soon. There are some exciting stories by a variety of talented authors. It's an honour to have my work accompanying theirs.

I always wonder why female vampire hunters and things in movies have long hair and no scars. Seems kind of silly to me.

Still painting snowy scenes in the summer. Have another of my Viking-inspired warrior women.

Playing around with a more bold colour palette. I’m rather pleased with how warm and bright it is.

27 August 2012

I used to sketch little late-Victorian women on everything. Then Napoleonic sailors or foot soldiers. Now these little Viking-esque women show up all over the place. I greatly enjoy them.

24 August 2012

More sketches for the series of Hamlet illustrations that I have been contemplating drawing for a while.

Another Game of Thrones inspired t-shirt idea. It is a crest for the House of Stark. Pending reception of this piece, I may do crests for the other houses as well.

Anyway, my plan for the remainder of the afternoon is to paint and scan this for submission.

12 August 2012

Part of the underdrawing for a piece I'm playing with. The character is from a story I've been writing, set in Massachusetts around the time of the American Revolution. Her name is Charity Hawthorne.

I was flipping through an old watercolour notebook today, and came across this sketch from over a year ago. It’s a drawing of the Mad Hatter from Alice’s Adventures Underground.
I’m thinking that perhaps I ought to finish it.

01 August 2012

The first five days of a thirty-day sketch challenge - all pages from my sketchbook. More once I've scanned them.