25 April 2012

more archery doodles

...you really have no idea how many of these studies are in my sketchbooks.

24 April 2012

As an added post, have some quick figure study sketches
I’ve been out of communication for the past few days to celebrate my brother’s wedding. Until I have the chance to scan and upload more work, enjoy this quick doodle of Door and Richard Mayhew from Neil Gaiman’s wonderful Neverwhere.

09 April 2012

Some works in progress...

So, remember a while back, when I mentioned the idea of doing some pieces based on Good Omens? Well, I decided to actually do it. I have a few half-finished pieces on my drawing board right at the moment. Here's a quick look:

An alternate book cover idea. I've obviously already started painting this one, but I figured I'd post the underdrawing anyway.

Aziraphale reading.

And, Crowley caring for (threatening) his house plants.

All three of these are going to be finished in Acrylla gouache. Stay tuned!
I really have no explanation for this. I had some green scraps of paper, a green pen, and a love of the colour green. Yup. Fun times, my friends.

07 April 2012

I dragged out the oil paints recently, after a pretty long stint without them. It's been fairly enjoyable, even if it took me a bit to get back into the swing of using them. Anyway, I figured I'd share the start of this current piece. Sorry for the crappy quality of the image - I just snapped a quick shot using my computer's camera.

I'm still in the underpainting stages, so we'll see where it goes from here.