26 May 2010

OSV sketchdump, take 2

So, here are a few more recent sketches from Old Sturbridge Village. These were done fairly quickly with a ballpoint pen in a pocket-sized sketchbook. Those things are very pleasantly handy - you can easily take them anywhere.

Bake day in the Freeman kitchen

Just a few small random sketches.

The Asa Knight Store. Word to the wise - there are a lot of things on those shelves. It's worth keeping in mind if you decide to draw this, haha.

Knitting in the Parsonage.

Just some random folks seen around of late, and some kids playing tug of war. Always fun, to be sure.

06 May 2010

"the most perfect invention that still kept impeccable time"

There is still plenty more work that I want to do on my cd package design for Computer Imaging, but I am actually fairly pleased with where it is at the moment. I'll post it in its entirety once I'm satisfied, but here's a few more sneak peaks at what I've come up with:

A basic vector of clockwork, under where the cd fits in the package.

From the cd booklet - The Fugitive

From the cd booklet - The Doctor.

Thanks to Clockwork Quartet (particularly Ed Saperia) for agreeing to let me use their band for my project. Now, go listen to their music pronto!

01 May 2010

"We met next day as he had arranged, and inspected the rooms at No.221B Baker Street..."

For the senior show, I had done a small three images based on one of my favourite series of books - the Sherlock Holmes stories. So, I now present them to you.

The Great Detective himself.

In discussion of a case in the sitting room at 221B Baker Street.

Doctor John Watson, and Mrs. Mary Watson (née Morstan).

A couple of pieces...

Here are two pieces I'm rather proud of from this semester:

This one is from this semester's thesis class (I'm doing Irish folktales). An illustration from the story about the selkie wife.

From senior seminar - a self portrait. A pretty fair indication of what I do with most of my time, actually.

A few works in progress

Here are just a few things that I'm working on at the moment - I'll post the finishes soon. In the meantime, I would love to hear what people think of where they are at the moment.

My thesis this semester has been Irish folktales. This girl has found herself in a faery ring. Whoops. I'm going to be experimenting with ink on this one.

More from thesis. This piece is actually further along than it was when I took the photo (for one thing, the white places are filled in, haha). I'm currently working on adding more darks in the background. Also, pending how the above experimentation with ink goes, I might work back into the linework.

And, a really brief look at the sketches for a project in Computer Imaging - making cd packaging. All of you should look up and listen to The Clockwork Quartet.