31 August 2010

More Sketches

So, I went to the Sturbridge area recently, which means that I once again come bearing some of my sketches from around Old Sturbridge Village.

It was a fairly rainy day while I was there, so the girls in the Freeman farm were working on their knitting and reading aloud from Northanger Abbey in the parlour:

I also have a few sketches from the pottery shop:

A few random sketches...

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would share some of the things that have been idling in my sketchbook.

First, a few doodles done in a café, of the other folks about:

And some random scribblings, including a character I am considering making a comic strip about, and (oddly) John Constantine:

This came about while I was listening to "Silver Dagger", which is a folk song. The first verse is "O, don't sing love songs - you'll wake my mother. She's sleeping here, right by my side, and in her hand a silver dagger. She says that I can't be your bride." I'm thinking of maybe making a finished piece of this.

And, Daleks. Why? Because I watch too much Doctor Who. Whoops.

...I promise that I will photograph and post some finished images soon.

06 August 2010

character sketches

A few quick sketches of a new character: Brendan Burke, 95th Rifles. I'm thinking that I will do a few pieces with him soon. He could be fun to work with.


And, the finish of the piece I posted before:

04 August 2010

Today's Work in Progress

Well, as the post title suggests, this is what I've been working on today. I'll have it finished either by or during tomorrow, so that's not too bad. I've got to say, though, children are always smaller than I expect them to be - even in proportion to each other. My current plan: to do sketches of my cousin's daughter next time I see her for reference. I am definitely not above using my family and friends to suit my own ends, haha.

Anyway, more Colonial-era children:

03 August 2010

Two More to Share :-)

So here are just a couple more of the things I've been working on lately. Both started as just a bit of doodling, but I liked them enough to add watercolour, and they took on something of a life of their own.

A few sketches of Colonial-era children. I think you will see more of these in the future - likely even with settings!

There is no explanation for this, save that I felt like drawing it. Hopefully it was worth the time spent!