16 December 2009

Return of the Hundred Themes!

A few more of the 100 theme illustrations for Character Creation:

5 - Seeking Solace

8 - Innocence

33 - Expectations

84 - Out Cold

95 - Advertisement

last batch of thesis for the moment

A couple more vignettes, and a full painting:

The Captain looking over calculations done by a midshipman. slightly worrying, what.

Potentially my favourite piece of the semester - "heaving a pawl", or turning the captan around to pull up anchor.

Surgery below deck - amputating an injured leg. I'm actually completely redoing this painting, but I figured that I would post the original version for now.

//from thesis: tools done in walnut ink, vignettes in watercolour, and full painting in acrylic.
A few small vignettes done for thesis - still on the British navy at the turn of the nineteenth century.

A sailor liked nothing more than being physicked - too bad the surgeons were usually clueless.

Naval punishment - always known for understanding in terms of small transgressions.

Fire the long guns!

Tools from Thesis pt.2

Continuation of a theme:

Navigational Tools - not too useful without charts, actually.

Dentistry Tools - mostly pliers. I'd be concerned.

Surgeon's Tools - most surgeon's in the navy were not doctors. Many were, in fact, merely people who had spent some length of time apprenticed to an apothecary, or had worked with another surgeon. Result? That bone saw got a lot of use.

From Thesis

It has occurred to me that I have yet to post anything from my thesis class. I have to admit, I haven't been as pleased with the pieces from this semester as I might have been, but I quite enjoyed doing ink drawings of various tools used in the British navy, and in shipbuilding, around the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

Sparmaking Tools - for making masts

Sailmakin Tools - just what they sound like, actually

Rigging Tools - braiding, pulling apart and running rigging

Caulking Tools - because it's good for your ship to be watertight