15 January 2012

1920s doodles

Random Doodles (contains nudity)

A few random coloured pencil doodles to christen a new sketch book. No real deeper meanings here, I'm afraid. Just a bit of fun.

09 January 2012

All In A Day's Work

Someone asked me the other day just how much I draw over the course of a day. I realized that I had absolutely no idea. A lot, I supposed. So, I decided to take an average day (not one where I was working on a major project, or specifically going somewhere to draw) and scan every sketch I did over the course of that day. I may have lost a few scraps of paper, though I did my best to keep active track of all the places I was doodling.

It's still fairly early in the evening, but here's what I have for today:

...people should really stop leaving pens anywhere in my general vicinity.

08 January 2012

Dracula sketches

Dracula is one of my very favourite novels. Yet, somehow, I've never really done a serious drawing for it. Plenty of random doodles in the margins of notebooks, but no finished pieces. I've decided to do something about that. So, here are a few thumbnail sketches of ideas I'm considering. We'll see how it goes.

06 January 2012

How Do You Do

Yet another random page from my sketchbook:

Galina and the Wolf II

Another quick sketch of Galina. I may not have explained who she was in the early drawing. Galina is a character in a story I'm working on, who sets out to ask a boon from the queen of Winter. Along the way she gets help from a shapeshifting grey wolf shamelessly stolen from Russian folklore.

...mostly, I just really like drawing that coat.

sneak peek: Adventures in Geekery

It has been a long-standing joke between Victoria and myself that our antics would make an entertaining (if highly unbelievable) comic strip. This has never been an overly serious thought, but it recently occurred to me: well, why not? We've had enough bizarre conversations and unintentional adventures to keep me in ideas for a long time. If nothing else, it will keep me entertained.

So, here's a quick sneak peek at the character designs. More to come.

Fun Times with Welsh x3

It has occurred to me that it's been a while since I've posted any of my random notes on the Welsh language. So, have a few silly vocabulary doodles.

Happy New Year