06 August 2009

italy sketches part 5

Final sketch dump from the Viterbo trip. Enjoy.

the apartments next to the dorm - Viterbo

train between Viterbo and Firenze

people waiting outside the Uffizi - Firenze

the train between Firenze and Venezia

people on the train between Firenze and Venezia

Italy sketches part 4

more sketches from Viterbo.

the arches of the Palazzo dei Papi (papal palace) - Viterbo

tower of the duomo - Viterbo

a house in Viterbo

a fountain in Piazza della Morte - Viterbo

window of a house in Viterbo

Italy sketches part 3

Here are my sketches of people from Viterbo. Drawing people walking around is both incredibly frustrating and rather fun.

Italy sketches part 2

More from the Journalistic Drawing class - all scans from my sketchbook.

fountain in Piazza di San Faustino - Viterbo

Balcony in the Palazzo Communali (city hall) - Viterbo

view from steps of Chiesa di S. Rosa - Viterbo

fountain at Ville Lante - Bagnaia

one of the urns on the railings at Ville Lante

Italy sketches part 1

I spent the month of June studying with the school's Viterbo trip, wherein I took Fred Lynch's Journalistic Drawing course, so here are the first few sketches I'm going to upload from that.

Victoria and my dorm room

the outside of the Accademia di Belle Arte - Viterbo

another from outside the Accademia

a window in the duomo - Viterbo

a fountain in Piazza Fontan di Piano - Viterbo

Sketch Dump #1

It has been a really long time since I last posted, so I'm afraid you'll all be subjected to some serious sketch dumping. First up is a few sketches from June:

Fort William Henry - Maine

coffee shop in Damariscotta - Maine

sketches from the Maine Maritime Museum

Bullard Tavern - Old Sturbridge Village, MA