06 August 2009

Italy sketches part 1

I spent the month of June studying with the school's Viterbo trip, wherein I took Fred Lynch's Journalistic Drawing course, so here are the first few sketches I'm going to upload from that.

Victoria and my dorm room

the outside of the Accademia di Belle Arte - Viterbo

another from outside the Accademia

a window in the duomo - Viterbo

a fountain in Piazza Fontan di Piano - Viterbo


  1. I am so totally jealous that you got to go.

    The watercolors look amazing, I'm especially digging the window.

  2. thanks a lot. :-) i'm actually really pleased with how some of them came out, which is a bit of a first.

    how goes your artwork for the summer?

  3. I experimented a lot and did some storyboards for money because I'm a cheap cheap whore. There are a couple decent things I'll scan in once school starts again.

    Can't wait for classes to start up again, I've been so bored.

  4. i can't wait to see. :-) i agree with the impatience for class as well... i do not do well without something to focus on, haha.

    what did you storyboard?