14 July 2010

Even more sketches!

More recent randomness from my sketchbooks:

I wasn't kidding about the randomness, apparently.

I've been wanting to rewatch Secret of Kells - it was a gorgeous movie. Since I still have a while to wait until it's on dvd, I've been doodling Pangur Bán in my notes.

Random things from around my room, because they were there. Oh, and the holy grail. :-)

Partially finished sketch of Lynn reading over the fourth of July.

Miss Belisle.

And Grady, my cousin's bulldog.


  1. lol, At the chance of sounding narcissistic, I love the one of me, you got that stupid face I make all the time perfectly.

  2. :-) I am glad you approve - you'll be getting the physical copy of that in the notebook in a couple of days, haha.