10 December 2013

Day 10.

I was going through some stacks of old notebooks and things on my desk today, and came across a ridiculously old set of comic strips I had drawn. They’re mostly really terrible, but I remember being quite fond of them at the time. They centred around Rhosyn and her friend Gwyn, and I decided it was time to (once again) redesign Rhosyn.

She had started initially as part of a series of comic strips I was going to draw to help myself learn Welsh.

Then, just became part of a series of not so amusing jokes based on odd conversations.

And, apparently, went through a brief period as a super-heroine.

So, I decided it was time to give her a slightly more useful make-over. Maybe I’ll actually revive some of the plot lines I had in store for her at some point. One way or another, it is really nice to look back and realise: why yes, my drawing ability has grown over time.

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