12 March 2010

in which I explore the world of digital

This semester I am taking a Computer Imaging class, which is a slight departure from the norm for me. I used to do a lot of vector art, but I generally prefer working on physical pieces of art. I have been having a bit of fun, however, so here are a few of the pieces I've done for the class.

A book cover for The Invisible Man.

A self-portrait, sitting at my kitchen table.

This was a fun project - we had to make an image of a mythical creature collaged together from other photographed elements. So, I made a mermaid out of kelp and rope - then her fingers are fids and marlinspikes. I think that ship is in trouble.

Version 2, as it was pointed out to me that her cave should probably be more shadowed. I like both versions, regardless.

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