12 March 2010

OSV sketch dump

I was at Old Sturbridge Village last weekend, and several of the hardworking folks around the Village quite kindly agreed to allow me to sketch them. (I think I owe people some cookies now) So, here are the fruits of a day with my sketchbook at OSV.

Dan all the way to the left, and then two girls who were going through employee training.

A few sketches of Peter, who was working in the tin shop.

Walter, working in the Asa Knight store.

Jeff, making clay pots and mugs.

And, Chip. sitting in the Bullard Tavern.

Then I got distracted and spent the afternoon listening to Will tell stories in the print shop. Really, why is everyone there so interesting?


  1. Meghan -
    Thanks for posting these on your blog - and thanks for visiting Old Sturbridge Village.
    I will share with Chip, Jeff, Walter, Peter, and Dan...
    Ann Lindblad
    Old Sturbridge Village

  2. These came out great!

    And I have total beard envy of that guy.

  3. Thanks. :-) And, clearly you need to grow a beard of that magnitude, Jeff.