15 March 2011


I come bearing more excerpts from recent sketchbooks!

First off, a few Regency-era folks:

I rather like this one, actually. I might incorporate him into a finished piece, but I haven't decided yet.

A cat related accident involving a paintbrush managed to splatter this page (with surprisingly minimal damage), but I've decided it works. We'll just say that this is a drawing of Stephen Maturin, and you likely don't want to know what he's got on his waistcoat! ;-)

A sneak peek at a sketch for some upcoming illustrations based on various plays. This, shockingly, is shaping up to be the end of Hamlet.

Fencing is... surprisingly difficult to draw. So, clearly, it requires practice. I'll be doing a lot more sketching of fencing poses before I tackle putting it into an actual piece, but it's proving to be a great deal of fun to explore!

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