15 March 2011

Welsh Pronunciation

So, the following project began recently when I decided to start learning to speak Welsh. I quite enjoy learning languages, and it occurred to me that an interesting study aid would be to make comics utilizing the phrases, grammar and vocabulary I learn as I go. It would help me get used to using them in context, and would be a fun excuse for drawing.

And thus it was decided: I would make foreign language study comics for myself! Since I will be posting them here, I will also include vocabulary lists and translations. But, I thought that the best way to start would be with basic pronunciation.

So, here we are, starting with Welsh (Cymraeg):

That's all for now. I will start posting the actual comics soon, so stay tuned! They'll be rather short on plot at first as they're really meant to be educational aids. We'll see how they progress, though - I've a fair bit planned!

Also, I've promised my mother I'll help her learn French, so you may be seeing some French comics and worksheets from me as well.

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