07 April 2011

vita brevis, ars longa

More from my sketch book! Would it surprise anyone to know that I've gone through quite a number of these in the past few months? I'm lucky that they sell them in packs of three...

I have rediscovered my love of lettering. It's just such fun, and it can look so lovely done well... hence, much practice is required! The phrase "vita brevis, ars longa" means "life is brief, art is long-lived". And, some doodles to accompany it!

A brief foray into heraldry, for a character I'm working on named Roger of Eldercomb. I've since decided that this coat of arms is not the one I'll be using, but it was fun to make.

This, honestly, is just the back of my current sketchbook. Since I've basically just been using the same red sketchbook over and over and over again, my way of telling them apart is to doodle and collage on them.

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