26 May 2010

OSV sketchdump, take 2

So, here are a few more recent sketches from Old Sturbridge Village. These were done fairly quickly with a ballpoint pen in a pocket-sized sketchbook. Those things are very pleasantly handy - you can easily take them anywhere.

Bake day in the Freeman kitchen

Just a few small random sketches.

The Asa Knight Store. Word to the wise - there are a lot of things on those shelves. It's worth keeping in mind if you decide to draw this, haha.

Knitting in the Parsonage.

Just some random folks seen around of late, and some kids playing tug of war. Always fun, to be sure.


  1. Wow! Your work is awesome!!! I am thrilled to see you are using your gift from above. It is amazing! *U* rilda