01 May 2010

A couple of pieces...

Here are two pieces I'm rather proud of from this semester:

This one is from this semester's thesis class (I'm doing Irish folktales). An illustration from the story about the selkie wife.

From senior seminar - a self portrait. A pretty fair indication of what I do with most of my time, actually.


  1. These look great!

    The portrait is especially appropriate and the pallet gels really well in that nice muted range.

    The selkie wife piece looks great - if you added a tiiiiny bit more shadow on the middle of the rocks so you got that reflected light vibe it would also bring it more to the foreground. The texturing on the rocks looks phenomenal though, it's nice and subtle. As always I love that muted pallet.

  2. Thanks for the advice - I think I can manage that. :-)

    Glad you like them.